AttendanceTo report an absence, call 825-5584.

Sign Out Procedures

Picking up a student at school?

  1. Come to the Attendance Office and present a valid photo ID.

  2. We will confirm that you are in the student's approved contact list.

  3. Then we will call the student to meet you in the office.

Student (driver) needs to leave campus?

  1. Student brings a written note to the Attendance Office first thing in the morning.

  2. The Attendance Office will issue a pass for the student to return to the office at the time s/he wishes to leave.

  3. In the meantime the Attendance Office will confirm with a parent or guardian that the student needs to leave.

  4. If we confirm the reason, the student will be allowed to sign out.

  5. Students must leave campus after they sign out.

Arriving at school late? Be sure to sign in.

  1. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes after school starts must sign in through the Attendance Office.

  2. Students who leave for an appointment and return must also sign back in through the Attendance Office.

  3. Students who present a doctor's slip or parent's note may have the absence waived or excused, according to the CHS Attendance Policy.

CHS Attendance Policy

Contacting the Attendance Office
To report an absence call 825-5584, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
To speak to someone in the attendance office, call 825-1151 #1 during office hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


The attendance of a student in each class is a vital part of the educational process. The following procedures have been implemented in order to attain these outcomes:

  • Providing daily interaction in the classroom,

  • Helping students achieve a high level of academic performance,

  • Preparing them for the workplace.

Accordingly, it is incumbent upon this school to use every reasonable measure to instill dutiful attendance habits in every student. A day lost in the classroom can never be completely retrieved. The dialogue between the teacher and students in a classroom environment can never be effectively duplicated. A high, positive correlation exists between formal learning and school attendance. Therefore, the following attendance procedures are in effect in our school:


  1. A student is expected to attend school every day. Five absences per class per semester (ten total for the year) may be excused by a parent by a call in or a note received by the CHS Attendance Office within 24 hours of the absence. If no documentation is received, the student is considered unexcused, and possibly truant (IC 20-33-2-11 see CHS Discipline Plan, Level 2 Infractions).

  2. After five absences per class (per semester), the student will require documentation from a doctor. If no doctor’s note is provided, the student is considered excessively absent and unexcused. (Excessive Absence is any absence over five without a note from a doctor.)
    Consequences will follow:

    • 1st time: 3 detentions

    • 2nd time: 1-day Isolated Instruction

    • 3rd time: 2-day Isolated Instruction and referral to counselor

    • 4th time: 1-day suspension

    • 5th time: 3-day suspension (report to Fayette County Circuit Court at 8:15 AM the next school day for suspension day procedure as organized by the Fayette County Prosecutor’s Office (*see Suspension from School Procedure in Student Handbook or FCSC Student Conduct Code); and/or loss of driving privileges to school

    • 6th time: 5-day suspension (same as above plus behavior contract before returning to school)

    Note: State law requires that schools report students ages 15-18 who have two suspensions or an expulsion within a school year to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Those students may be unable to obtain a driver’s license or have license suspended.

  3. After the THIRD absence, the teacher is to make and document contact with a parent or guardian. When making a telephone call, “no answer” documentation will not qualify as actual contact. Actual contact might include a telephone call when the parent or guardian is spoken to directly, parent-teacher conference, case conference, Parent-in-Touch form, student progress report, e-mail that has been verified with a return note or receipt notification, or a postcard mailed to the student’s home address. Each teacher is required to document actual contact (a log must be kept). The student may also be referred to his/her counselor.

  4. After FOUR absences, a letter will be sent to parents from CHS Attendance. This letter will remind the parents of the CHS Attendance Policy and consequences of future absences.

  5. These absences will be considered "in school," the same as a field trip:

    1. Indiana General Assembly Page

    2. Election Board helper on Election Day

    3. Indiana National Guard or Military Duty

    4. School sponsored Events

    5. State Fair Exhibitor

    6. Job Shadowing experience as authorized, scheduled and documented by a designated CHS staff member

  6. These absences will be “waived” after documentation is approved (days that are waived do not count against the student in terms of disciplinary action but are counted as days absent from school):

    1. Note from doctor/dentist/counselor verifying appointment

    2. Hospitalization

    3. Court Appearance

    4. Suspensions

    5. Death in the Family

    6. Religious Holiday

    7. College Day (one for juniors and three days for seniors will be waived with documentation from the college/university)

    8. School Nurse requests parent pick-up

  7. Students will not be considered absent when authorized by a school official to be somewhere other than in their regularly scheduled class. For example, if the student is expected to report to a different location during his/her regularly scheduled class time for a meeting, conference with school personnel, testing, or field trip, the student shall not be considered absent. It is the responsibility of the student and/or the designated staff member to provide the teacher with written documentation to be permitted to be absent from class.

  8. Students in Isolated Instruction will not be counted absent.

  9. A student who, for any reason, is removed from Regular Attendance Register and placed on Homebound Instruction shall not be considered absent from their regular classes during this time.

  10. A student absent from class for more than 15 minutes shall be considered absent for the class period.

  11. All absences from class are covered by this policy. No distinction will be made between "verified" or "unverified" when determining total days absent from each course.

  12. Students may make up all work missed at 100% credit when arrangements are made with the teacher for the absence, except students that are considered truant (absent without permission). Any work missed due to truancy will result in no credit.